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Stress is constantly on the rise and is the basis for many mental and physical diseases.

27% of adult Americans said they were under so much stress most days could not function (*2022 American Psychologists Association Poll).


Anicca’s Solution

Anicca’s hybrid mindfulness program is designed to improve employee wellbeing and boost organizational success. Our program combines live lectures with a structured digital process and a groundbreaking wearable device to help employees reduce stress, increase focus, and improve collaboration.


It has been found that mindfulness-based training is an effective intervention for organizations to improve mental health, wellbeing and performance of employees*.



Preliminary studies have found Anicca to help in 70% of reported situations – rating 3 and above on a 0–5 scale on the question “How much do you feel the device helped you achieve your desired outcome?”, with emphasis on creating calm, focus, and greater mental clarity.


Anicca In The Organization

Anicca’s process works in the following way



Organization-tailored live lecture about stress, resilience, and mindfulness on premise and online

Daily digital interventions that help understand and practice the mindful approach


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Use of our unique wearable to help employees implement the practice in everyday life situations


A human present on-premise assistance in kicking off and supporting employees in keeping with the program


User tailored content​

Users are invited to log their activity, receive insights, and get content tailored to the specific stressors they are dealing with.

Their data is strictly confidential and is not given to the employer.

End-of-program questionnaire will be handed to help the organization understand the impact of the program.




The device helped me immensely in remaining grounded in difficult moments after receiving very bad news of my sister’s health. I’m lucky to have had it with me in those days.



As a mother of 4 during Covid, the device helped me feel more in control of myself and the situation. It also helped me fall asleep, solve headaches, and most importantly, taught me how to use my breathing for self regulation



This device greatly helped me and even helped me sleep better. One of the most significant effects was how it helped me be more patient with my mother who suffers from Alzheimer's



The device has helped me with sleep disorders I’ve been having for years



Using the device helped me relax in stressful situations, as well as draw my attention to the way I was breathing

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With Anicca, organizations can expect to see improved employee satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity. Our program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization and is designed to support a culture of mindfulness and wellness. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization thrive.


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