Are you a professional in the field of emotion and stress regulation?

Regulate Stress.
Increase Focus.

Helping you
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Your Breath is the Key

Our wearable device helps you reduce stress and increase focus on-the-go, so you can feel better and perform at your best in everyday life situations and tasks.

By amplifying your sense of breath through gentle, soothing vibrations, our device helps you manage stress in the moment and boost your overall well-being.

– Reduces stress and increases focus on-the-go

– Helps you tune in to your body and mind

– Convenient, discreet, and non-invasive

– Boosts overall well-being

– A way to incorporate mindfulness into your every-day life


Icon be mindful

Be present

Use Anicca to be present in the here and now

Icon be calmer

Stay calm

Turn on Anicca before, through or after a stressful experience

Icon sleep better

Sleep Better

Wind down and clear your head for a higher quality sleep

Icon be present

Build resilience

Increase your awareness and deepen the connection to yourself

First aid combined with a long term journey to change your life:

    – Immediate help dealing with real life situations as they occur

    – Map out and understand your triggers

    – Learn to respond differently to specific triggers in your life

    – Slowly be able to start making fresh choices within similar situations


What our clients say



The device helped me immensely in remaining grounded in difficult moments after receiving very bad news of my sister’s health. I’m lucky to have had it with me in those days.



As a mother of 4 during Covid, the device helped me feel more in control of myself and the situation. It also helped me fall asleep, solve headaches, and most importantly, taught me how to use my breathing for self regulation



This device greatly helped me and even helped me sleep better. One of the most significant effects was how it helped me be more patient with my mother who suffers from Alzheimer's



The device has helped me with sleep disorders I’ve been having for years



Using the device helped me relax in stressful situations, as well as draw my attention to the way I was breathing

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About Anicca

Our device is designed to help you tap into the power of your breath and body to promote well-being and healing. Our team, with expertise in psychotherapy, somatic therapy, and mindfulness meditation, has carefully crafted this device to utilize these natural resources in a way that is effective and empowering. We believe that by harnessing the abilities of your breath and body, you can take control of your own well-being and find relief from stress and discomfort. 


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