Are you a professional in the field of emotion and stress regulation?

Meet The Core Team


Edo Ceder

CEO & Co-Founder

24 years Programmer with a B.A. in Psychology. A Somatic Therapist, Movement & Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Producer and Entrepreneur in the field of Dance and Psychology


Yechiel Sayag

COO & Co-Founder

A veteran entrepreneur with a B.A. in Behavioural Sciences – Psychology, a well established meditation practice


Yuval Simon, CLP

Clinical Director

MA in Clinical Psychology and Neuro-rehabilitation psychology. Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Expert in emotional resilience. Private clinician with rich experience working with children and adults. Senior Clinical Psychologist at Natal (Israeli Trauma & Resiliency Center).

Our Vision

To build and offer solutions that help people be more in touch with themselves so they can have a better rapport within and without.


Our Story

Spending years studying psychology, practicing somatic therapy and art, and training in mindful practices, we realized there is a big gap between taking a workshop / sitting with a therapist / practicing in the studio or clinic, and facing the triggers encountered in our daily lives. Maybe you’ve experienced how easy it is to practice with the teacher/therapist compared to when you go back to the office, your relationships or dates, and get sucked right back to the same situations and the same thoughts and feelings.

So we went to work reverse engineering the powerful tools of mindful breathing and staying connected to the body in the “hear and now”, find out how they help us stay calm “on the pillow”, and put it into a technological solution that will help apply it in every day life.

That’s how Anicca was born. A tool that vibrates exactly with our breathing and keeps us connected to ourselves while remaining engaged in real life, balancing “being” and “doing”. While testing our invention we realized the vibrations themselves in specific frequencies on key areas on our body help to contain adverse feelings and mitigate them so we can get back control of our mind and situation.


Preliminary studies with 45 people who used the device for up to 21 days found that Anicca helped in 67% of situations, including high stress, anxiety, needing to focus, and relaxing before sleep (rating 3 or higher on a 0–5 scale for “how much do you feel the device helped you achieve your desired outcome?”)

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