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Highly effective techniques such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or Deep Breathing have been found to be very helpful; however, they are very difficult to implement outside of the clinic for many reasons.


Anicca’s Solution

Anicca’s wearable is worn discreetly and works in the background. While going about their daily routines, it allows the person to get calm and focused by a press of a button.

The device functions by generating soothing vibrations on the body in time with the breath. This makes it easy to help patients implement and use mindfulness and other breathing based techniques whenever the need arises.


Preliminary studies with people who used the device for up to 21 days found that Anicca helped in 67% of situations, including high stress, anxiety, needing to focus, and relaxing before sleep (rating 3 or higher on a 0–5 scale for “how much do you feel the device helped you to achieve your desired outcome?”).



Annica in Therapy

Anicca’s device can support a therapist’s work in several ways:

Help teach client mindfulness based or breathing based techniques in clinic

Let clients have a device to use outside the clinic to deal with situations and symptoms in real life


Help extremely tense clients ease into therapy

Use in remote therapy to see client’s realtime breathing in session


Client Activity Tracking

Therapist and client can track clients activity and self reported data to get a birds-eye view of stress map to be able to identify stressors and deal with them better.


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